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Communities of practice or networks catered towards non-male people that feel welcome in a space for women can be an amazing source of support and empowerment.

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This article was originally published on Oct 13th 2020 on ProductCraft.

There’s no inclusion without diversity

Diversity and inclusion are terms that have been buzzing around for a while. Let’s break them down real quick so we are on the same page.

And Tips for Maximising Your Reading Time

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  • Superpower: OKR Confidence Level Poker
  • Meeting 2: End of Week Celebration
  • Superpower: Trophies for Team Mates

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How to go from sad panda to happy panda in all your meetings!

  1. Align everyone to the business.
  2. Decide on objectives and key results on a team level.

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Lisa Mo Wagner

Product strategist, decision facilitator, team enabler, problem solver, design sprinter, agile enthusiast, intersectional feminist.

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