This interview was originally published February, 17th 2020 by Alexander Bock on LinkedIn under the title How to keep an open mind: There are no silver bullets and “it depends”​ — Lisa Mo Wagner’s perceptive view.

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In today’s interview we talk to Lisa Mo Wagner. As a Hidden Champion she provides amazing insights on product management, combining various fields for her exceptional work and perspective: a master design thinker with a growth hacker mindset, digital nomad and facilitator. She writes deeply inspiring articles combining her fields of expertise with a personal view and thus creating new perspectives.

Hi Lisa, hope you are doing fine. We have a little tradition on the way Hidden Champions like you introduce here, so here is my question for you: if you would be a city or a landscape, which one and why?

Remember that meeting that made you feel like this:

First of all, before any meeting you should ask yourself: Could this meeting be an email? When in doubt, write an email and see if people ask for a follow up meeting. 9 times out of 10 they won’t.

If you do have a meeting, then have a meeting PANDA with you, because a) everyone loves pandas and b) everyone loves acronyms. That’s the law. Look it up.

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How to go from sad panda to happy panda in all your meetings!

P is for purpose. What is the purpose of this meeting. You can also think of it as the goal or the desired outcome. Include it into your invite so people can decide if they need to or want to join. It helps you craft a better agenda and facilitate the meeting with a clear focus. …

We plan quarterly. We use OKRs. It sounds easy, and it is not. There are so many things to keep in mind to create good and valuable objectives. They need to be outcome-focused, on that exactly right level, measurable, make sense to the team, align with business goals and strategy, keep the customer in mind, make employees happy and…

Here’s my recipe 👩‍🍳

  1. Make sure everyone is on the same page what OKRs are.
  2. Align everyone to the business.
  3. Decide on objectives and key results on a team level.


Lisa Mo Wagner

Product strategist, decision facilitator, team enabler, problem solver, design sprinter, agile enthusiast, intersectional feminist.

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