Foster the Human Connection in Remote Work — 5 Small Ideas

Are you working from home yet? If Covid-19 has taught us something it is that most jobs can be done remotely. I love the option of remote work and there’s a ton of videos and articles out there that can help you improve productivity, especially if you’re new to remote work and virtual meetings. One thing I haven’t seen a lot about is the human factor.

I like connecting with my co-workers on a more personal level, I like going to meetups and conferences to learn about the industry and I like meeting new people. How do we do that in times of corona and self-quarantine?

Here are 5 small things you can do to connect with humans around you. Even though this should go without saying, always (!) turn on your camera in a video chat, no matter if it is work or fun.

⛸ Ice Breakers In Meetings

We use Mural as an online whiteboard and have a dedicated area for the ice breaker, we have used some of these prompts in the past and had a ton of fun:

  1. Drop a pic/emoji here to describe a place you’d love to visit.
  2. Drop a pic/emoji here to describe something unexpected about yourself.
  3. Drop only emojis here to describe your favourite tv show.
Sample from our team meeting (missed a few people due to sick leave)

Find 300 ideas for ice breaker questions here.

🎲 Play a Game in Slack

Two simple rules: Emojis only and whoever guesses first can do the next one.

Here are some that popped up in our thread, can you guess all of them?

🦈 🌪

🔍 🐠

👽 🚲 🌕

Feel free to join this Twitter thread and play with us there.

☕️ Virtual Coffee (Or Tea)

🍝 Have Lunch “Together”

We will be trying a huge company-wide lunch together on Thursday which I am excited about. This does not have to be limited to co-workers. How about trying this with a meetup group or friends?

🍷 Meet Up After Work

I run Women in Product in Berlin and we usually meet up around once a month for a dinner we had to cancel for obvious reasons and will now try a virtual alternative using Zoom.

With friends and family, I have also used Houseparty which is fun and has some integrated games.

👻 Bonus: Snap Cam

The pickle wasn’t available anymore so I went for pizza face ✌️

Have you tried any of these before or do you have other fun suggestions?

Wash hour hands & stay safe 🧼

Product strategist, decision facilitator, team enabler, problem solver, design sprinter, agile enthusiast, intersectional feminist.

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