Plan 2020 with me

Lisa Mo Wagner
5 min readJan 27, 2020

I am a product manager, I love setting goals. What can I say?

I have read a lot of things on how to plan your life, how to be productive, how to form habits, new year’s resolutions, how to stick to them, you get the gist. But they all seemed kinda off, and, like a good diet, never really work.

So I started looking into even more ways to make time and be my best self. Literally, I read Make Time the book and learned about journaling on — Two things I can recommend if you want to get deeper into what I am about to tell you. I also watched tons of YouTubers create the cutest Bullet Journals, this, I recommend if you’d like to procrastinate.

I used a mix of all the things I had learned and made a plan. I had trialled a bunch of bits and pieces throughout the last year, so I feel like I got a good assortment of helpers for me and maybe you as well.

You go from big to small. From the high-level big picture to specific actions, you can take to get there. Very much like product management or start-ups. Vision, Mission, Strategy, Goals…

I am not the person to have a five-year plan. I hardly even know what I’ll have for breakfast the next day. I have dreams and aspirations. As romantic as that sounds, it is not very actionable. So I set out to go from, I wish one day I will have a Victorian townhouse and a 5-member animal squad in Toronto to real steps towards that beautiful dream and some others.

I wrote everything down in a physical journal because I am fancy like that and it’s relaxing for me. You can also use apps, I’ll make suggestions where I can.

Word of the year

I had seen a few people on social media talk about their word of the year. Instead of new year’s resolutions, they chose only one single word as the theme of the year. I wanted to steal Tom Jepson’s word “storytelling” — That’s such a beautiful and useful theme. But first of all, I would have made it too easy for myself and secondly, it wasn’t my word.

I kept thinking about it and couldn’t make up my mind. I got in tarot a while ago and on January 2nd I did a New Year’s spread. I do not believe that tarot reveals the inevitable future, but I think it’s a cool and fun way to change perspective and get some food…

Lisa Mo Wagner

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