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Team OKR Success: Two Weekly Meetings Are All We Need

We have been using OKRs for a while but it took a few rounds and reading The Team That Managed Itself to really understand how to stay aligned over the course of the quarter. We have two team meetings and each of them has a superpower activity that really helped us as a team.

  • Superpower: OKR Confidence Level Poker
  • Meeting 2: End of Week Celebration
  • Superpower: Trophies for Team Mates

Monday Commitments Meeting

I originally based this meeting exactly on what Christina Wodtke describes in The Team That Managed Itself.

This was the very first one, it’s not fully filled out but you get the idea.
Not filled out yet.

OKR Confidence Level Poker

We’re using a scale of 1 to 10 for our confidence in reaching a key result.

Had to censor it a bit since it’s our current plan.

End Of Week Celebration

This is hands-down my favourite meeting of all time.

Check-in not in picture.

Trophies For Team Mates

It’s super easy but does so, so much for the team.

Getting this from one of my devs felt like a real accomplishment.


Here are some of the templates shown above that you can just copy to your own Mural.

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