What the Heck Was That? My Reflections on 2020

Lisa Mo Wagner
5 min readJan 1, 2021


I have been in a rut, you might call it writer’s block if I was a writer. A creative slump. I haven’t posted anything but short-lived stories on my Instagram since March, my last Medium article was a repost of an interview I did ages ago and my LinkedIn posts and engagement have gone down considerably. I could beat myself up about it and look at all the productivity hacks and habits for billionaires or something like that, but I won’t. I refuse. I made it through this year and that in itself is a success.

I like to consider myself strong but let’s be real this year was hard. It flew by like it only had 3 months instead of 12 and yet I feel like I aged 3 years at the same time.

So let me not tell you about all the things I have accomplished in a pandemic and how Corona was a chance. Instead, let me tell you about the things I didn’t do simply because I just could not.

Stick to my goals

In “Plan 2020 with me” I had told you about my word of the year as well as some intentions I had set for myself, let’s see how that worked out.


  • set tangible career goals ❌ In fact, I did not set any career goals and I had to work reduced hours for half of the year, at least, I was lucky and did not lose my job.
  • learn continuously 🤔 Well, I am still doing my uni program in Forensic Engineering, but that was really all I did because, you know, it’s 2000€ a semester, which is nothing compared to uni tuition in some other countries but still.
  • share knowledge & experience ✅ Yay, that one actually worked out. I have been and will continue to mentor some amazing people, have great chats with other professionals who’ve become friends, run Women in Product Berlin, and the Product Exchange (kinda like a guild) at work.
  • putting myself out there (writing, speaking…) 🤔 While I wrote close to no new posts, I did have the opportunity to speak at some meetups and conferences and I am very



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