• Betty


    Just another person. Unsolicited advice on family, work and the efforts to balance them.

  • Patrick Böttger

    Patrick Böttger

    Product Owner | Industrial Engineer (M.Sc.) | Design Thinker (Cert.) — Striving for a re-definition of “human work” in the 21st century and beyond

  • Irena Pavlović

    Irena Pavlović

  • Faiz Kheir

    Faiz Kheir

  • Luiz Jardim

    Luiz Jardim

  • moo


    BWL 2.0 — Online Marketing — Social Media — Music

  • Jon Håvard Halvorsen

    Jon Håvard Halvorsen

    Strategy & Industry Advisory hos TietoEVRY. Stor interesse for tech og innovasjon, men også folka som får det til å skje.

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